Friday, August 19, 2011

DIY Swimsuit Cover Tutorial!

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a long week for me and I'm so ready to just relax and enjoy my weekend.   I thought I'd do another swimsuit post before the summer is over, there is also a small tutorial at the bottom.  I hope you enjoy it! 

I started this swimsuit cover over a year ago and never got around to finish it, until now... and since I was in the mood I decided to pull out this gray fabric that I've had for quite a while.  I've left this fabric untouched until now because I didn't want to ruin it.  This fabric had a  purpose since the moment I bought it, and here it is!  I love making swimsuits, I made this one using an old swimsuit as a pattern and even though it was extremely time consuming I am getting better...I'm sure I'll be making more of these in the future.

I just realized that everything in this post is DIY!
The shorts were refashioned from an old pair of pants.

Materials: thread, needle, scissors and a lightweight fabric.

  The amount of fabric you will need depends on how long you want your cover to be.  My fabric is 43"Wx52"L.  Take in mind the width of your fabric because that will affect the length of your sleeves.  I didn't add a hem on the sleeves since we have the selvage to finish off those edges, but you may want to depending on your fabric.

Fold fabric so that the fold is at the top and raw edges at the bottom 
Sew two seam lines parallel to each other creating your sleeves
 Stop about 2" from the bottom leaving room for a hem
  Cut a slit at the top with a slight scoop for your neckline 
and hem,

Et voila c'est fini! 

Just to give you an idea, the side seams for my cover are 13" long and they are at a 17" distance from each other.  The neckline is 16" long, but you may need to adjust this according to your own measurements.

I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Invisible Zippers and Pockets!

I know I stated before that I don't like working with patterns but I realized that I can learn a lot from them.  I couple of months ago I was browsing online and found a sale, so I bought a few.  This one caught my attention for the uniqueness of the pleating in the skirt.  I did have to adjust the pattern to my size but it worked out pretty well.  Overall this skirt was very easy to make even though it looks like a more advanced project.  The most difficult part is the pleating but if you follow the pattern step by step you should have no issues with the application.  To be honest I was more worried about the zipper, I've always been intimidated by invisible zippers but to my surprise they are super easy to sew on. I ended up sewing this one by hand because I don't own an invisible zipper foot but even by hand the application was very easy.  I loved that the skirt has pockets too, it's so practical! ...and it's a new skill I can add to my list! 

  Simplicity pattern  Inspired by Project Runway collection #2413 Size D5  

Yo se que dije anteriormente que no me gusta trabajar con patrones pero me he dado cuenta que puedo aprender mucho de ellos.  Hace un par de meses encontré unos patrones en la internet entre ellos el patrón de esta falda.  Me llamo mucho la atención este patrón por la aplicación tan diferente de los pliegues.  Si fue necesario ajustar el tamaño del patrón a mi medida pero lo pude hacer sin ningún problema.  En total la falda fue muy fácil de hacer, aunque se vea como un proyecto mas avanzado.  Lo mas difícil de hacer fueron los pliegues pero si se siguen las instrucciones paso por paso no debería haber ningún problema con la aplicación.  Para ser honesta, a mi lo que se me hacia mas difícil desde el principio era el cierre invisible.  La aplicación de los cierres siempre me a intimidado, en especial el cierre invisible pero para mi sorpresa es súper fácil, eso que tuve que cocerlo a mano!  También me encanto que la falda tuviera bolsillos, es algo súper practico y es algo mas que puedo incluir a mi lista de habilidades de costura. :)