Saturday, May 5, 2012

2012 Graduations!

I want to begin by congratulating all the 2012 graduates! Congratulations on your accomplishments.  May you continue a life full of purpose in whatever it is that you do!

 These days are always a bit full of nostalgia, I am 25 years old still pursuing a bachelor's degree.  My journey is becoming a bit lengthy.  I just don't seem to find my purpose and it is difficult to choose a major or career path without one.. I also seem to fall in love with everything I do, which makes it even more confusing...Nonetheless, I'm hanging in there...I am actually in the process of changing my major.  I have been pursuing studies that don't fall under my interest, but instead fall under a more "safe" route.

I have been pursuing a business degree because I felt it was the "safest" option.  Yet, in doing so, I have lost interest in school, something which is very much unlike me.  I am a school-girl by nature, in love with education and learning and realizing that school is no longer appealing, but rather dreadful, was difficult to take.  I have made a lot of mistakes and factored in things that are irrelevant when it comes to my education.  I have also failed to look for answers from within, but looked for answers in others...

BUT, I decided to make a change, to listen to myself and follow my heart...Sometimes all it takes is to believe in yourself, the unknown is scary, but as long as you know yourself and believe in yourself, you will find a way to make things happen!

Anyways enough about me...I am proud to say that my sister is one of the 2012 grads!  It's a great accomplishment and as my dad said, we came from nothing and are slowly building something for ourselves. We are originally from Mexico and started from zero when we moved to the U.S.  We were presented with amazing opportunities and overcame many obstacles.  I am happy to say that my sister is among the first in our family to hold a bachelor's degree (the first from the family that lives in the U.S.)!

To sum it all up, I hope you all can take the time to celebrate yourselves and your accomplishments and focus on your own journey! Success is relative, always make sure that you are doing the best that YOU can do based on your own terms and your own definition of success....Happy Saturday!

(There really should have been a take 2 on this!)