Tuesday, December 10, 2013



So I found this picture on Pinterest for a DIY Christmas tree mobile and I decided to recreate it.
My inspiration from  www.notmartha.org

My Recreation:

What do you think?!?! I love it!  It was definitely time consuming, but I am in love with the end results. I pretty much followed Megan's instructions from her blog post and I think she did a great job at making this project easy to do.  However, I couldn't find small lanyard hooks so I used small rings, which made it look cleaner, but definitely made the process more time consuming.  At the end I ran out of rings and ended up creating small s-shaped hooks out of the ornament hooks which is probably the easiest way to hang these ornaments.  Let me know what your think! 

*to save money you can just make the s-shaped hooks yourself.  The ornament hooks are super inexpensive.

I provided links to all the items I used and a link to Megan's step-by-step instructions from her blog, in case you want to try this.  

Materials (visit her blog for more details www.notmartha.org

  • Aluminum Pizza Screen (she recommended a steamer rack, but i found this to be more inexpensive)
  • Crimping Tool (any will do, it doesn't have to be a jewelry crimping tool)
  • Lightweight jack chain (I found at Michaels)
  • Carabiner (I used stick-on ceiling hooks so I ended up hanging the mobile from 2 points, instead of a carabiner I used 2 keychain rings I already had)
  • monofilament jewelry string (found at Michaels- used 4 from Beadalon brand)
  • Crimp beads (Michaels- she asked for 200, I probably used 300)
  • Ornaments (I used almost 200)
  • Ornament hooks (bought at dollar store)
  • lanyard hooks 
  • Ceiling hook (I used 2 and they are stick-on... I found at my local hardware store)