Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sedona Trip DIY Maxi - Double Slit

What better picture background than the red rock of Sedona.  We went hiking to the Sedona and the Grand Canyon so I decided to take my newest sewing project for pictures.

Make a new maxi dress by using an existing one as a pattern. I used a Guess Maxi that I recently bough as a pattern, added a double slit for a bit of variety... and here is the result!
Sometimes this jersey fabric will be too thin and may be a bit sheer as was the case with my Guess maxi... the benefit of making your own is that you can add lining to avoid the issue, which is what I did.  I simply traced the dress twice, but the lining only goes down to where the slit begins, if you look closely on the picture above you can see that the skirt part is less opaque where the slits begins.

Side View ( you can't really tell but this dress has two slits)  

Guess maxi used as a pattern
single slit