Friday, December 21, 2012

How to fix hemming mistakes on pants

So I am very short and I typically have to hem all my pants, but for some reason, even after doing this so often, there are times when I will cut too much and make my pants shorter than they need to be.
I bought these American Eagle jeans about a year ago and I just hadn't gotten around fixing the hem.

Knowing my previous bloopers, I made sure to measure twice before cutting and testing the fit....buuuuut I still managed to cut too much!  I was so upset, my heart sank when I saw how short the hem was, I had ruined my pants!! ....well, not exactly.  Thankfully, you can still save your pants! I hope this helps!

This is what I originally cut! :/

So I decided to run the actually hem in the overlock machine...

...and basically sew it back on!

Then unfold...


Et viola! ...can you tell?

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